What You Should NOT Do Before Starting Nursing School.

What You Should NOT Do Before Starting Nursing School.

My first class is in 14 days!! OMG! If you’re just stumbling on my little blog, I got accepted into nursing school! Yay!! You can read about that here. However, in doing my preparations for the program, I also got inside my own head – which is my own fault. So, I wanted to write this post as kind of an advice for anyone who is getting ready to start school, and what you should not do before starting nursing school!

So, I am currently in Singapore  Рa last hoorah before nursing classes begin, and in order to get a little ahead and be a little bit more prepared, I hopped up on Youtube to watch videos about nursing school and how all these people who are currently in a nursing program or have graduated from a program coped while in school and other tips, of which there are tons!! (Youtube is a great resources for nursing student!)

While watching it, I saw a video on the right side titled “I got kicked out of nursing school”, So of course I proceed to watch it, and it went all downhill from there. I looked up and realized over 4 hours had passed and all I had been watching were videos of people who had ¬†failed a class or two and had to leave the program. OMG. My stress levels were at an all time high.

If you are in nursing school or about to start, DO NOT do that!! I of course got into my own head and for an entire week, I was afraid that I was going to fail this semester (mind you I haven’t even started yet), I was going to get kicked out, I was going to be a failure, and maybe I should not go to nursing school.

What You Should NOT Do Before Starting Nursing School.

My friends got really upset with me for doing this, and told me to get off Youtube, even the people I am in Singapore with told me to get off and to stop getting into my head. I think I am okay now, I am looking forward to this journey and am excited. A small part of me is still scared and have small anxiety attacks when I think about it. But, am working on it, I have made a schedule for the fall semester, and hopefully will have a routine down within a few weeks of starting the program.

Nursing school will be hard, I have no doubt about that. I work at a hospital, and have a lot of friends who are either in nursing school or are nurses themselves, so I am well aware of what I am walking into. But watching videos like that, while it can be a motivator for doing well, it can also be overwhelming and scary and cause unnecessary anxiety and stress that you don’t need.

If you are starting nursing school this year – Congratulations!! We are going to do well, regardless of any scary Youtube videos.




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