My Most Expensive Nursing School Mistake

My Most Expensive Nursing School Mistake


Last week, I wrote about failing my second semester of nursing school by .25 points. You can read about it here. I gave myself a week to grieve, feel sad and allowed myself to cry A WHOLE BUNCH, and then I went into planning mode to see how I needed to proceed with moving forward.

So, off to my school I went to speak with financial aid, to see how much this class would cost for me to retake. I attend a private nursing school and my tuition is pretty high. But, you can imagine my shock when I sat down to speak with financial aid and they told me it would cost a cool TEN  THOUSAND dollars to retake the class.


Yep, you read that right. I picked my jaw off the floor, choked on my gum, and ¬†sputtered “That is half of my tuition from last year…… I don’t understand…..” She assured me that I had indeed heard her correctly and that there was no way around it. In order to successfully complete the nursing program, I would have to first pay the $10,000 to retake the class, before being allowed to come back full time.

I have spent the past week in utter shock, stressing out about how I am going to find all this money in the next 7 months to pay for this retake.

Now, I have made a ton of mistakes in school, but so far this is my most expensive nursing school mistake.

Yes, I have contemplated leaving and starting over somewhere else, but, that would probably be even more expensive than the retake. I have asked if I could possibly take this class somewhere else over the summer, however, I was told that this was not an option.

I am still pretty numb about the entire situation, so for now I sit and and figure out how to pay for my upcoming semester in January (without selling drugs) and not get evicted from my new apartment.  :).


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