About Kat



My name is Kathleen and I started this blog as a way to chronicle my journey through nursing school. Nursing school is not easy, and my hope is to help others who are getting ready to start their nursing journey with tips and information about things I wished I had known before starting nursing school and also tips for getting through nursing school.

A few fun things about me:
1. I have lived in 4 countries and 2 states.
2. My dream is to move to Seattle after nursing school and then eventually London.
3. I speak 3 languages.
4. I am obsessed with the color white.
5. In another life I would be an interior designer.
6. Some of my favorite things to eat are: rice, plantains, bread, kale and avocado.
7. I have a horrible gluten allergy.

You’ll also find other posts about traveling, health and wellness and everyday lifestyle.

Cheers, Kat!